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Legacy Planning

The Baptist Foundation of Alabama has teamed up with Philanthrocorp and Coosada Baptist Church to provide a unique opportunity for our church family. They offer free coaching on wills, advanced directives, living wills, estate planning and giving.  They will help you prepare your documents and refer you to a reliable, local attorney to complete the process.  You will receive a portfolio to keep all of your important documents safe. Click on the video provided to the right to watch an informative video from PhilanthroCorp on estate planning.

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Legacy Planning

What People are Saying!

Mike And Linda Lockwood

We attended a Sunday evening class where the Baptist Foundation of Alabama presented estate planning services.  We had created wills previously; however, they were very much out-of-date.  Being able to do all of our planning over the phone was quite convenient and we had a great experience.  We learned how we could distribute our estate, and were able to provide for our family as well as support Kingdom causes.  We would encourage other to utilize these valuable services.  We were thouroughly impressed with what we received.

Matt And Anita Thomas

Serving as a deacon in our church, my wife and I were offered the unique opportunity to experience this priceless service first-hand.  We didn’t have a will in place, so we knew that being able to have a professional Christian coach to guide us through the process would be educational and eye opening.  The coach that helped us was knowledgeable and patient in answering all of our questions.

We learned a lot about the importance of taking care of those left behind, while also being able to continue to support the ministries that we love.  We appreciate that their team of experts had our best interest in mind, and guided us through the process as fellow believers.  This service was beneficieal to our entire family and to the Kingdom.

As Christians, it was so great to have someone walk us through the process that operates from the same guidebook for life as us.  We felt like they gave us something that we couldn’t get from anywhere else.  We would highly recommend this service to everyone!

Jason And Ginger Wilson

Ginger and I attended a Legacy Conversations Seminar at our church and were pleasantly surprised to learn about this impactful service that the church was providing to us.  After taking in all of the valuablele information, our eyes were opened and we immediately looked at each other and said, “We need to do this!” We had an overall excellent experience. We appreciated that we had access to a professional Christian coach to guide us every step of the way and help us think through things that had never crossed our minds. They guided us through a simple process. We have already recommended this priceless service to others in our church. It is so worth it. 

Benian And Debbie Keeble

When we learned about the legacy planning services that were being offered to us through our church, we didn’t hesitate to sign up.  Prior to this opportunity, we had started some estate documents but had never finished our plans.  The process always seemed a little scary to us, and having a professional Christian coach guide and lead us through the process was invaluable!

We had a great experience working with The Baptist Foundation of Alabama’s legacy planning coaches.  The phone calls were enjoyable and we learned a lot.  They made it easy for us, and took the time to help us understand the whole process.  We learned a lot about setting up beneficiaries, and had the opportunity to also support other Kingdom causes that we care about.  We would highly recommend this invaluable service.